Xmas Rapidplay 20th December – Results

Thanks to everyone who came along, great to see some new faces, cross-table below.

Covid permitting, we will aim to repeat in the new year.

1Graham, David B191C111484Aw10+b3+w2+b4+w6+55104720915.0
2Neale, George147D282489Kb12+w7+b1-w5+b8+4582616512.0
3Larwood, Peter165B114094Cb11+w1-b6+w8+b4=584516910.5
4Homeyard, Keith179D262988Eb6=w9+b7+w1-w3=3587417510.0
5Tucker, Joe0 b9-w11+b12+b2-w7+35170348.0
6Wallis, David111B121037Dw4=b10+w3-b9+b1-57341478.5
7Skinner, Nicholas H168E119098Cw8+b2-w4-b10+b5-256621327.0
8Bunn, Matt0 b7-w12+b9+b3-w2-25110227.0
9Nair, Rakesh161B285956Hw5+b4-w8-w6-b11+256131236.0
10Banks, Don130C146439Fb1-w6-b11+w7-w12+255791164.0
11Tsakalis, Henry0 w3-b5-w10-b12+w9-15-30-62.0
12Tucker, Steve0 w2-b8-w5-w11-b10-05-170-340.0



A = Player's score

B = Number of graded games played

C = Total grading points

D = Grading performance

T1 = Tie Break using Sum Of Progressive Scores