Worthing Chess Club Simultaneous - 18th June 2018

Worthing Chess Clubs’ traditional end of season events kicked-off with the joint simultaneous by Chris Jones and Dave Graham.

Wins – 13, Losses - 1

A special welcome to Ivan and James who were at the club for the first time. 

A reduced turnout this year due to England’s opener in the World Cup but a quality field all the same.  A series of hard fought games played against a back drop of cheering and hollering from the downstairs bar as England’s fortunes fluctuated.

Congratulations to Peter on a fine victory – after Dave turned down a draw offer the duo were steadily outplayed and a speculative sacrifice was met with some fine defensive play.  Dave Bennett was seriously unlucky – after winning an exchange he was unable to consolidate and as the number of games in play reduced to a handful the win slipped away.

A big thanks to everyone for playing and for the help setting-up and tidying away which was much appreciated.  Hope to see you all at the Juniors vs. Seniors and the Bernard Bruno memorial.

Black has just played Nb8-c6.

There followed a variation on the classic Greek Gift ...

Bh7+ Kh7; Qh4+ Kg8 (Kg6 Qg4+ Kh7 Qh5+ Kg8 transposes); Ng5 resigns

The only to meet Qh7 mate is Re8 but then White has Qh7+ Kf8; Qh8 Ng8; Nh7+ Ke7; Bg5+ winning