Worthing Chess Club Junior Championships - 21st April 2018

The 9th Worthing Junior Championships saw 34 players from school years 2 to 11 come together for 7 rounds of blitz chess.  The tournament incorporated the Delancey UK Chess Challenge providing an opportunity for players to reach the Sussex MegaFinal which is taking place on the 12th May. 

Some of the juniors were getting used to playing with clocks whilst others were demonstrating years of well-honed skills from playing blitz chess online. In the Championship group there were players who have represented Sussex and England at chess. In Group 3 there were players who only learnt the moves a few months ago.

There was some terrific play in all groups, many games going down to the wire and the behaviour of the children was outstanding.


Worthing Junior Championship


Alec Hedger


Max Bushby, Dominic Miller

Group 2


James Zheng


Zen Rajah


Edward Leake

Group 3


Ned Hafner


Danny Biddlecombe


Sebastian Marsh, Tommy O'Brien, Christian Shorney, Quinn Stephenson, Regan Colbourn, Peter O'Donnell

Arbiters Award – Regan Colbourn, Zen Rajah, Oliver Seeds, Quinn Stephenson

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Dave and Carol Graham.