Worthing Chess Club Simultaneous - 12th June 2017

Worthing Chess Clubs’ traditional end of season events kicked-off with the joint simultaneous by Chris Jones and Dave Graham.

Wins – 20
Draws – 3
Losses - 0

After suffering 2 defeats last year, Dave and Chris were in determined mood and had called in the assistance of Keith Homeyard – once games were finished, players would be handed over to Keith for another game to reduce the number of games in progress.

The games against Max Bennett and Joe Everett attracted most attention. Joe’s game was on a knife-edge the whole way and, after chances for both sides, eventually ended in a draw. Max completely busted the simul duo in the opening winning a piece for 2 pawns but in the tactical melee that followed, Dave & Chris managed to force a drawn ending despite having 6 rather sickly looking pawns (a2, c2, c3, f2, h2 and h3!).

A big thanks to everyone for playing and for the helpers with setting-up and tidying away which was much appreciated and made the event go smoothly.

Hope to see you all at the Juniors vs. Seniors and the Bernard Bruno memorial.

Black has just played 5... Bg4?

There followed 6. Bf7+ Kf7; 7.Ng5+ and 8.Qg4 winning a pawn

A move such as Kh5 (or Rd2+ followed by Ra2) would draw for Black but unfortunately there came

....Ra6 which was swiftly met by

Rb6+ winning

White has pressure because of the domination of the Black squares and the ‘thorn’ in the King’s side, h6, but how to make progress?

Nh5! gh

Allowing the N to f6 is also fatal, White has ideas such as Rfb1 and the Rooks will penetrate to the 7th or 8th ranks

Qg5+ Kf7; Rfb1 Rb4; Qg7+ Ke8; Ra8+ winning

Click here for some photos.