Worthing Chess Club Simultaneous - 10th June 2013

Worthing Chess Clubs’ traditional end of season events kicked-off with a joint simultaneous by Chris Jones and Dave Graham. A joint simul has pros and cons for the guys doing the simul – it puts pressure on the opponents who have to make their moves quicker but the disadvantage is the position can appear completely unrecognisable from when you last played a move!

A strong and large turnout of 23 players meant Dave and Chris faced difficulties in most of the games.

Particularly noticeable was the stubborn resistance from the ever-improving juniors. 9 year-old Thomas Thorogood found some amazing defensive resources and Dave and Chris were forced to bail out into a favourable ending and weren’t disappointed to see him leave at 9 o’clock with much work still to be done.

Alec Hedger and Cassie Graham decided attack was the best form of defence and both were very unlucky to lose complex games having built-up strong positions. It was great to see another girl at the club and Hannah Bradley (Dave’s grand-daughter) showed she will be ready to join the club next season.

Further stiff resistance from other juniors, particularly Alex Miller, Sam Lennard and Tom Reynard – meant Dave and Chris could not score any quick wins and by 9 o’clock all the games were still in progress.

During the next hour wins started to come in for the simul duo and a draw was agreed with Matt Payne.  Dave Chilvers looked on course to refute some risky sacrificial play before being caught by a trap, see diagram below.

Into the final hour and Dave Wallis earned a creditable draw having met fire with fire in the opening and then playing solidly in a level ending. Rakesh Nair never looked in any trouble and had the better of a draw.

With just Morgan, Phil and Colin left Dave felt it safe to order a 3rd pint. The wild, complex struggle with Phil was finally resolved in favour of Dave and Chris but then the unthinkable happened – the ever tricky Colin Parker lured the duo into a false sense of security by dropping a couple of pawns in a double Rook ending before weaving a mating net! Well done Colin, a great result and much deserved after he was swindled a couple of years ago.

Morgan had looked the most likely to win all night – Dave felt forced into sacrificing the exchange to hold off strong pressure but the middle game was pure torture as Morgan gradually ramped up the pressure. On the edge of victory, Morgan made a slip and lost a vital pawn. The resulting ending was level but Morgan refused the draw and a desperate bid for victory rebounded and the duo clocked up a somewhat undeserved win.

Dave & Chris vs. Dave Chilvers

White played an Evans Gambit and is starting to run out of attacking resources. 

A careless move such as f6xg7+ would see Black activate the g8 Rook with a winning position.

So there came:

1. f6-f7 Qd5xf7? 2. Qa3+ forcing mate

Instead of Qd5xf7, Kf8xf7 would leave things unclear after 2. Re1-e7+ Kf7-f8; 3.Re7xc7

A really enjoyable evening – big thanks to all who turned out and especially to Keith Homeyard who tided-up and kept the simul players fuelled at the end of a long night.

Don’t forget the Juniors vs. Seniors on the 17th and the Bernard Bruno memorial quick play on the 24th.

Click here for some photos.