Worthing Chess Club Simultaneous - 11th June 2012

FM Alex TherrienWorthing Chess Clubs’ traditional end of season events kicked-off with a simultaneous by Alex Therrien – our first team top board and a FIDE master.

A strong and large turnout of 17 players meant he would have his work cut out and the first hour provided much excitement with Alex ruthlessly efficient on some boards and in trouble on others.

As the second hour of play drew to a close, Alex had clocked up 7 wins but was facing stubborn resistance from Dave Chilvers, Dave Bennett, Keith Guinness, Kevin Walsh, Matt Payne and Rakesh Nair, and looked certain to lose to Will Graham.

It was Dave Chilvers who was first on the score board with a well-deserved draw.  Somehow Alex managed to mix things up against Will in a lost ending and was able to force a draw.  With the number of opponents rapidly reducing Alex was able to put his opponent’s under time pressure and eventually Dave Bennett, Keith and Kevin were beaten but Matt and Rakesh held on to draw.

Final score:
Alex 15 - The Rest 2

Jason Rose, Keith Guiness and Dave Bennett were rewarded for their efforts with book prizes.

A really enjoyable evening – don’t forget the Bernard Bruno memorial quickplay on Monday 25th

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