Annual Juniors vs. Seniors Match - 18th June 2012

This was the 3rd Juniors vs. Seniors match and following a couple of defeats for the adults they clearly meant business this year boosting their squad with the appearance of FM Alex Therrien on board 1 and veteran ex-club champion Keith Homeyard on board 2.

The first match 2 years ago had 8-boards and last year 12 boards.  It is fantastic to see the club growing and positively buzzing with a 16 board match this year. Big thanks to Ken Haworth who became an honorary junior for the evening to make the numbers even.

Annual Juniors vs. Seniors match 2012

Congratulations to the seniors on an emphatic win this year 12.5 to 3.5:






Matthew Payne

0 - 1

Alex Therrien


Morgan Blake

1 - 0

Keith Homeyard


William Graham

0 - 1

Don Banks


Arthur Graham

0 - 1

Dave Chilvers


Cassie Graham

0 - 1

Colin Parker


Joseph Allin

½ - ½

Dave Wallis


Ben Simpson

0 - 1

Kevin Walsh


Jason Rose

0 - 1

Keith Guinness


Sam Lennard

0 - 1

Dave Bennett


William Allin

0 - 1

Jon Young


George Neale

1 - 0

Dave Bradley


Alex Miller

½ - ½

Robin Trinkwon


Alec Hedger

½ - ½

Kazeem Ahrar


Phil Rudd

0 - 1

Mark Cox


Thomas Thorogood

0 - 1

Andy Tarr


Ken Haworth

0 - 1

Chris Boyes




Don and Colin set the tone for the evening rolling back the years with fine attacking wins.  Alex was in deep trouble against Matt but used all his experience to come back and win a complex ending.  Despite some tough resistance from the juniors, experience won the day with Dave C, Kevin, Keith, Dave Bennett and Jon steadily outplaying their younger opponents to gain solid victories.  Mark and Andy joined the club this year and played well to win and the Chairman was in fine form against Ken. 

Congratulations to Morgan who played a great ending and George who, despite a material deficit, kept Dave Bradley at bay long enough to win on time.  Joseph, fresh from his Derrick Cup success, looked to have Dave W in trouble but resourceful play from Dave held the game. It was the other way round in Robin vs. Alex with the younger player holding on for a creditable draw. 

On Saturday, Alec had come =1st in the Sussex under-7 championships and he and Kazeem had a wild attacking game which kept the spectators entertained.  There were chances for victory on both sides before the game ended in a draw.

Don’t forget the Bernard Bruno handicap quick play on the 25th to end the season and then the 2012/13 season will begin in traditional style:

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