End of Season Simultaneous - 1st June 2009

Simul Photo

What a great turn out - so great in fact that we ran out of chess sets!

Luckily, emergency supplies were procured, and 20 players aged from 8 to over 60 sat down to challenge Chris and Dave. There were even a few spectators!

This was the 5th year of this event, and the pressure was on as the duo were hitherto unbeaten.

Simul Photo
There was a strong showing from our juniors; Matt, Will, Morgan, Arthur, Ben and Anna.

They all acquitted themselves well but especially well done to Arthur, Ben and Matt who drew, and to Anna who is only aged 8!

Simul Photo
Simul Photo
Simul Photo

All the games were hard fought and Dave and Chris really enjoyed the evening. A big thanks to everyone who came along and supported the event.

Congratulations to Dave Wallace and Alan who held the draw easily. Also holding the draw and last to finish was a Dave Chilvers / Colin Parker combination.

Really unlucky were Keith and Dave Bennett who obtained clear winning positions only to be swindled late on in the simul.

Don Banks proved a tough nut to crack but we were pleased to finish with a nice combination:

Don's just grabbed a pawn on c3, so if simply Qxc3, he has Rxg6 with chances. What should White play?

Chess puzzle position
Chess position analysis

Finally, don’t forget the next event is Saturday July 11th; a friendly, quickplay handicap competition in memory of Bernard Bruno – details HERE.