Worthing Chess Club - Challengers Schedule 2017-18

Important Notes:

Club members must also be members of the English Chess Federation (ECF) before playing in club tournaments

Knock-out, Plate, Championship, Challengers and Derrick competitions:

Games have been scheduled for set dates

Games may be played before these dates with the agreement of both players

If you cannot make the scheduled date, please contact your opponent to arrange a new date

Round 1 - Nov 20

M.Bennett vs. D.Banks

C.Vyse vs T.Dan

M.Banks vs A.Miller

T.Hedger vs A.Grodzicki

Round 2 - Dec 18

M.Bennett vs L.Rhodes

D.Banks vs. A.Miller

C.Vyse vs. A.Grodzicki

M.Banks vs. T.Hedger

Round 3 - Jan 8

L.Rhodes vs T.Dan

M.Bennett vs A.Miller

D.Banks vs T.Hedger

C.Vyse vs M.Banks

Round 4 - Jan 29

A.Miller vs L.Rhodes

T.Dan vs. A.Grodzicki

M.Bennett vs. T.Hedger

D.Banks vs C.Vyse

Round 5 - Feb 19

L.Rhodes vs A.Grodzicki

A.Miller vs T.Hedger

T.Dan vs M.Banks

M.Bennett vs C.Vyse

Round 6 - Mar 12

T.Hedger vs L.Rhodes

A.Grodzicki vs. M.Banks

A.Miller vs. C.Vyse

T.Dan vs. D.Banks

Round 7 - Apr 9

L.Rhodes vs M.Banks

T.Hedger vs. C.Vyse

A.Grodzicki vs D.Banks

T.Dan vs M.Bennett

Round 8 - Apr 30

C.Vyse vs L.Rhodes

M.Banks vs D.Banks

A.Grodzicki vs. M.Bennett

A.Miller vs. T.Dan

Round 9 - May 21

L.Rhodes vs D.Banks

M.Banks vs M.Bennett

T.Hedger vs T.Dan

A.Grodzicki vs A.Miller